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Welcome, this is not Florida, but we don’t care

The Miami Calella Hotel has been around since 1965 because even though this is not Miami but Calella, we care about you and we care about our guests. We all belong to Miami Calella Hotel. Love is love. Welcome to Hotel Miami Calella.

Did you miss us?
Relax, we're back!

It's time to mark the calendar. WE OPEN OUR DOORS ON MAY 24th, 2024. You can't miss it. Get ready for an unforgettable summer!

Slide "The facilities are excellent and the service is unbeatable. We had a great week with our family. We will definitely come back."
Elena Mestres
Slide "From the very beginning, we felt very comfortable. We loved the pool and the outdoor space."
California Philip Ingram
Slide "We had a good experience. We enjoyed the tourist recommendations, especially the Anti-aircraft Shelter"
Córdoba Federico Navarro
Slide "It is a nice hotel. The human quality of 10. Thank you very much for everything."
Spain Lika
Slide "The room is large and the breakfast varied. It is a recommended and quiet place."
Spain Luis
Slide "It's very cozy and with perfect attention. Highly recommended."
Spain Isabel Torres

Millenials, please come in.